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Compounding for Human & Animals

Compounding Medicines

Let us make medical compounds for you. Our medicines are made from natural ingredients, and we prepare your compound specifically for you and no one else.  It is common to have "compounded medications" paid for before actually making the formula as the ingredients can not be put back.  This is different from medications made by a manufacturer (eg. capsules, tablets, liquids) which can be put back into their bottles.  Custom made compounds are just made for one person or animal and flavored for that one else.  It usually takes 24 hours from order or renewal (although renewals must wait until the ordering physician approves the refills) to completion.  We give the person the price after the formula is made and before we start to make it so they can decide if they would like to proceed.  Once we are finished we call again to let the patient or pet owner know it is ready for pick-up.

We make different hormone replacement formulas tailored for each male or female patient; and new formulas don't upset us, as we look forward to making sure you get what is best for you.  You may also find relief from painful joints and muscles by using pain-killing neuro creams we prepare.  They're used by many who play sports or suffer from other types of chronic pain.  These are just a few examples.  If you have a question please call for a consultation.

Custom for You

Would you like us to make an oral medicine taste better for a child or an adult?  Do you need a medicine that is not commercially available?  We can create customized dosages, dosage forms, or flavors for you and your pets

Medications Made Just for Your Pet

Your pet is a valuable family member and deserves expert care. Alvarado Pharmacy Services in San Diego prepares drugs for animals, informing you of proper dosing methods, possible side effects, and interactions with other drugs or foods.

Compounding Medicines for Animals

Many drugs are not available in dosages suitable for all the different domestic animals. As with people, animals absorb medicines differently.  Some medications are for oral use and others are for topical use.  Consider all the different sizes and you will get an idea of how the compounds must be tailored to each; keeping in mind the age of the animal must be considered as well.

Let us prepare a medicine especially for your pet. We'll give it a flavor that your animal will like, making administration much easier.